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This design stated to strengthen the traditions

In the need to keep up with modern facilities and technology that invaded architecture and trending to simplicity and sustainability, this design stated to strengthen the traditions of the UAE and finding its way to these trends, as well, conserving our Arabian culture.

Traditions are essential to the essence of the UAE, and culture is vital in keeping the past alive. As it appears, the project spaces viewed to an inner atrium, with small openings at the external facade (that have the traditional pattern) to provide more privacy for the users of the building. Also the usage of wind towers that is a traditional architecture element.

Family gatherings in Emirati culture are common and are treated as an open-door policy. This had its impact on the design as it provide the Majlis that is essential for gatherings with a separated entrance to provide more privacy.

It is necessary at this time to pay attention to sustainability and environmental concerns. Therefore, the design provided several ways to achieve this, including the use of wind catchers to reduce the use of air conditioning and save energy, as well as complete reliance on local building materials.

Project type

Residential, Private Villa


Dubai, UAE

Project Area

450 m2

Service provided

Architecture design

Design Concept:

  • Air Villa
  • Air Villa
  • Air Villa
  • Air Villa
  • Air Villa